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Enhanced security for large-scale colocation deployments

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Private Cage Colocation packages are completely tailored to fit your individual space, data, security, policy, and power needs. This is the preferred colocation method for enterprise customers with a large amount of equipment, or enhanced security and compliance. Private cages are also an excellent option for customers looking to fit equipment that typically does not fit into a standard cabinet.

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Benefits and Features

Climate Control

State-of-the-art climate control systems ensure the most reliable and consistent environment for your equipment.

High Security

Our data centers are highly secured by a two-factor authentication process, CCTV, and are always staffed every second of everyday to ensure you peace of mind.

Uninterrupted Power

Extreme fault tolerance and resilience at every layer of our uninterrupted power systems with multiple redundant power feeds, backup generators, batteries, and up to 30kW+ per rack available.

Network Connectivity

Our 100Gbps+ Network offers ultra high speed, low latency, and consistent reliability. Carrier-Neutral Facilities means our customers have access to over 23+ Carriers, just a cross-connect away.

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