Ultra High-Speed Internet and networking solutions, with speeds up to 100Gbps

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Dedicated Internet and IP Transit with speeds up to 100Gbps

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Supercharge your network with speeds up to 100Gbps

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ManagedWay’s Dedicated Internet offerings are designed to exceed the needs of your business. We are able to guarantee exceptional reliability, scalability, and high performance, due to our owned and operated 600+ miles of fiber optic throughout southeastern Michigan. Additionally, through strategic partnerships, we extend our network globally to service our customers wherever they are located. ManagedWay provides dedicated circuits that are engineered for each individual customer to provide symmetrical speeds, dedicated connections, and scalability from 5Mbps - 100Gbps, which means ultra fast Internet speeds for your business demands! Each solution we provide is backed by our 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA), guaranteed bandwidth speeds, extremely reliable service, and 24/7/365 technical support that ensures that you will always have peace of mind.

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Benefits and Features

Ultra High-Speed

Our 100Gbps+ Fiber Optic Network provides the performance you demand.

Robust SLA

Our unmatched Service Level Agreement includes a 100% uptime guarantee for our global network and power availability ensuring continuous uptime and high performance.

Low Latency

High-performance connectivity. Send large amounts of data with minimal delay.

Net Neutral

We do not selectivity interfere with Internet traffic, regardless of source, destination or application.


Bandwidth speeds can be easily upgraded based on the needs of your business. The perfect solution for the growing needs of any business big or small.

Cutting Edge

We’re constantly exploring new alternatives and technologies to provide you with the fastest, most reliable, and innovative solutions available.