Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Optic Internet

Ultra High-Speed, low latency, and highly reliable - with speeds up to 100Gbps, servicing customers across the globe

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Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Optic is the fastest method of delivering high-speed Internet to businesses of all sizes. A Fiber Optic connection means your data is delivered through light signals via small, flexible glass wires. Fiber Optic Internet does not reduce bandwidth speeds over long distances and the fiber does not degrade or corrode over time, unlike many other connection options, such as copper. Fiber Optic Internet offers a significant improvement in speed and reliability over traditional technologies such as DSL, cable modem, coax, and T1.

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Our Fiber Optic Advantages

Our Fiber Optic Network utilizes industry leading routing and switching infrastructure to ensure the highest reliability, scalability, and performance available. We are constantly expanding our network to increase service coverage, geared to enhance networking speeds. ManagedWay’s Fiber Optic Network utilizes intelligent routing software to reduce latency, reduce packet loss, and increase throughput. By persistently analyzing what your best route should be and avoiding network congestion, we ensure 100% uptime and are able to provide the best quality experience possible. With Fiber Optic Internet, you get greater bandwidth, resulting in lower costs and enhanced reliability. Consequently, this allows for more application development, increased productivity from your current staff, and the ability to power your business to the next level. With our global footprint, we are positioned to connect to any business around the globe.

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Benefits and Features

Ultra High-Speed

The flexibility of our 100Gbps+ Fiber Optic Network provides you with the high speed performance your business demands.

Robust SLA

Our unmatched Service Level Agreement guarantees 100% global network and power availability ensuring continuous uptime, balanced network utilization, and high performance.

Low Latency

Our low latency infrastructure is optimized for high-performance connectivity, providing near real-time access for your sensitive business operations.


No limitations on what you can do on your network connection, we treat all data equally to avoid bandwidth throttling.


Our services can be easily upgraded to a higher bandwidth or the newest technology designed to support the most bandwidth intensive applications available.

Network Transparency

Our customer portal offers real-time bandwidth monitoring, graphs, and automated notices.