Bare Metal Hardware

Powerful, dedicated and highly secure – engineered to meet your unique business needs

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A highly-secure, policy compliant infrastructure in three easy steps.

Bare Metal Hardware is specifically designed for companies that want the benefit of cloud computing, but need the security, privacy, and availability of a private network and a dedicated computing environment.

Deploy your Cloud and get a reliable connection and flat pricing at any of our four Cloud Zones.
Choose a package that has the right mix of memory, storage, and CPUs that provide the best-in-class processors.
Skip the installation and configuration and get straight to configuring your Cloud.
Type Servers Memory CPU SSD SAN Private Network Hypervisor Count Monthly Fee
Dedicated 48 48 256GB 48 Cores 2TB 10Gbps 2 Nodes $2500
Dedicated 72 72 386GB 72 Cores 3TB 10Gbps 3 Nodes $3800
Dedicated 96 96 512GB 96 Cores 4TB 10Gbps 4 Nodes $5100
Dedicated 120 120 768GB 120 Cores 5TB 10Gbps 5 Nodes $6200

*Other custom packages are available upon request

Benefits and Features


Hardware, storage and network configuration is dedicated to a single client, meaning easy compliance and complete control for you. Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and HIPAA compliance cannot be delivered through a public cloud deployment.

High Security

While providing all the benefits of the public cloud, your private cloud server is dedicated solely to your organization. Our unparalleled 24/7/365 Support Shield also provides an added layer of security by remediating issues before they become a serious threat.


Our cutting-edge, commercial-grade equipment enables engineered solutions that allow your business needs to drive the technology. The result is scalability, for even the most mission-critical deployments.


With a click, you can instantly add servers or increase server resources.

Consistent Performance

We provide enterprise-class virtualization and end-to-end service management. Data redundancy with just 5 milliseconds of latency between our strategically located Michigan data centers sets us apart from other providers.

Hybrid Deployments

Our expert team can engineer a comprehensive and deeply integrated approach, spanning private and public cloud scenarios. This allows various levels of control over data while providing flexibility through management, virtualization, identity and developer tools.

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