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A cost-effective alternative to fiber to the premises

Our Fixed Wireless Broadband technology provides you with enterprise-grade Ethernet connectivity and network resiliency delivered by cutting edge microwave technology. It is an ideal and cost-effective solution for supporting your Voice, Private Line, DIA and MPLS services. Our Fixed Wireless Broadband service is a cutting edge access alternative for businesses requiring high-speed connectivity and a quick installation window.


Access the Internet at speeds up to 300Mbps. 2X Faster than the Cable Company.


Dedicated bandwidth to your business, so it always be there when you need it most.


Backed by ManagedWay’s premier multi-honed fiber optic network and an 100% uptime SLA.


Low installation and service costs compared to fiber and copper.

Our Network

Connectivity is critical for your business, that's why our engineers designed the ManagedWay network to the highest standards to make sure your data arrives when and where it's needed most. We provide superior, blended bandwidth, carried over the fastest privately owned and operated fiber optic network throughout Southeast Michigan and around the globe. We built our network from the ground up to provide secure, reliable and expandable connections to our customers. ManagedWay's network is multi-homed, giving our clients the dependability and flexibility which single-homed bandwidth providers simply don’t have. Carrier interruptions are not passed down to our network because data always has an available path. ManagedWay understands how critical your network is, which is why we offer a comprehensive portfolio of data services and solutions. We have the technology and expertise to help you get results – and stay ahead of the competition.