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Point to Point Private Line

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Point to Point Private Line

With ManagedWay’s extensive network infrastructure, you can connect to one of the most advanced communications networks in the world customized to meet your Metro Data Services needs. Our Point to Point Local Private Line provide digital data connectivity, offering you a cost-effective solution for connecting multiple sites to each other or to network nodes with a fully-managed, high-speed service. ManagedWay’s local-to-global network enables you to combine our Metro Data Services and Long Distance Data Transport services for a complete service solution.

Local Private Line Services are dedicated connections, available from 1Ge through 100Ge data transmission speeds that provide point-to-point digital data connectivity over fiber optic cable. You can use this to consolidate large amounts of data, video and voice traffic on a single, highly secure and reliable digital service that will help you extend your footprint, strengthen your network infrastructure, and complement your existing offers with value-added application services.

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ManagedWay's headquarters and primary data center is in Troy, MI., one of the ten safest cities from natural disasters.