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We build clouds

Cloud Servers

Virtual Server

High performance cloud servers with solid state storage.

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Virtual Data Center

On-demand virtual data center environments engineered to deliver high performance and reliability.

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Bare Metal Hardware

The security of a private network with the benefits of dedicated cloud computing.

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A highly secure managed cloud hosting solution –
engineered to meet your unique business needs.

From individual projects to enterprise applications, ManagedWay cloud offers you low cost and scalable cloud resources. Cloud computing allows you to leverage state of the art infrastructure and hardware without the worry of equipment management or large capital investment.


Your application is hosted on our geographically diverse cloud platform with an industry leading SLA for high availability.


Multiple tiers of service and resource pool plans ensure that your applications scale along with your growth.


Our data centers are staffed on site around the clock and secured by a two factor authentication process and CCTV.


Our world class low latency fiber optic network delivers your data rapidly and reliably with global reach.

This allows you to use your time and money more efficiently and focus on your core business needs. Your cloud solution will grow organically with your business, giving you a permanent solution to your infrastructure demands.

Flexible and reliable infrastructure

Designed from the ground up with business-critical applications in mind, ManagedWay Cloud Server enables you to quickly and easily utilize compute, storage and network resources on-demand.