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Virtual Server

Cloud Server

High performance cloud servers with solid state storage.

Designed from the ground up with business-critical applications in mind, ManagedWay Cloud Server enables you to quickly and easily utilize compute, storage and network resources on-demand. You never have to worry about expensive and complex infrastructure upgrades again.

Plan RAM Drive CPU Transfer Buy it Now
Cloud 512MB 512 MB 20 GB SSD 1 CPU 1 TB Only $5
Cloud 1GB 1 GB 30 GB SSD 1 CPU 2 TB Only $10
Cloud 2GB 2 GB 40 GB SSD 2 CPUs 3 TB Only $20
Cloud 4GB 4 GB 60 GB SSD 2 CPUs 4 TB Only $40
Cloud 8GB 8 GB 80 GB SSD 4 CPUs 5 TB Only $80
Cloud 16GB 16 GB 160 GB SSD 8 CPUs 6 TB Only $160
Cloud 32GB 32 GB 320 GB SSD 12 CPUs 7 TB Only $320
Cloud 48GB 48 GB 480 GB SSD 16 CPUs 8 TB Only $480
Cloud 64GB 64 GB 640 GB SSD 20 CPUs 9 TB Only $640
Cloud Sites

Cloud Site Packages

Building blocks for cloud construction.

Cloud Site virtual server plans from ManagedWay are the ideal solution to your virtual server needs. With our 100Gbps+ Tier 1 multihomed carrier network, commercial grade server hardware and SSD Solid State storage we give you premier hosting at affordable rates.

Plan Software Zimbra Collaboration Number of Websites Content Storage Network Transfer Buy it Now
Website Pro Wordpress Community 1 25GB Unlimited Only $5
Website Business Wordpress Community Unlimited 50GB Unlimited Only $10
Website Commerce eCommerce or Wordpress Community 1 and 1 Dedicated IP 75GB Unlimited Only $20

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Your Cloud Site is hosted on our cloud optimized servers, specifically engineered to support WordPress and other content management systems. By providing you with a simple and expandable interface for total control of every aspect of your site and industry leading support for themes, plugins and mobile accessibility you will be on the cutting edge of modern web site hosting.

ManagedWay's headquarters and primary data center is in Troy, MI., one of the ten safest cities from natural disasters.