Bare Metal Hardware

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A highly secure bare metal hardware solution – engineered to meet your unique business needs.

Bare Metal Hardware hosting is specifically designed for companies that want the benefits of cloud computing but need the security of a private network and dedicated computing environment. Outsourcing to the bare metal hardware will not only cut costs but also provides greater efficiency, scalability, virtualization, improved monitoring, and enhanced security – all with compelling economics and unprecedented speed to market. Operating system choices are Linux, FreeBSD, or Windows. All dedicated servers include 10TB of Transfer. Order delivery is between 24-48 hours.

Cloud Hardware

Hardware Pricing

Building blocks for cloud construction.

Type Servers Memory CPU SSD SAN Private Network Hypervisor Count Monthly Fee
Dedicated 48 32 256GB 48 Cores 2TB 10Gbps 2 node Only $2500
Dedicated 72 48 386GB 72 Cores 3TB 10Gbps 3 Node Only $3800
Dedicated 96 64 512GB 96 Cores 4TB 10Gbps 4 Node Only $5100
Dedicated 120 80 768GB 120 Cores 5TB 10Gbps 5 Node Only $6200

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Hardware, storage and network configuration is dedicated to a single client, thus compliance is much easier to achieve. Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and HIPAA compliance cannot be delivered through a public cloud deployment. You are in complete control – yet we are here to help.


Our proprietary and unparalleled 24/7/365 Support Shield remediates issues faster – before they become show-stoppers. Designed to assure high levels of security that cannot be accessed by other clients – your bare metal hardware server is dedicated solely to your organization. Provides all the benefits of the public cloud, but within a private network and a secure computing environment.


Engineered to your specific needs utilizing cutting-edge, commercial-grade equipment. Provides a secure and manageable private solution that delivers great performance. Let your business needs drive your technology strategy, instead of having technology limit your options. Scalability for even the most mission-critical deployments.


Improves agility and responsiveness, reduces costs, and increases business alignment and focus. Simplifies technology and shifts budget from 80% infrastructure and 20% innovation closer to a 50/50 model offering state-of-the-art modern alternatives that are cheaper, faster and smarter.


Designed to deploy new applications faster with higher reliability. Increase resilience and load-balancing capabilities. Cross-platform support for multi-hypervisor environments, operating systems and application framework. We provide enterprise-class virtualization and end-to-end service management. Data redundancy with just 5 milliseconds of latency between our strategically located Michigan data centers.

Hybrid Deployments

Our expert team can engineer a comprehensive and deeply integrated approach, spanning private and public cloud scenarios – this allows various levels of control over different company data while providing the choice and flexibility through common management, virtualization, identity and developer tools. We leverage your existing investments, infrastructure, and skill sets to build the right mix of private and public cloud solutions – one that will work for you today while growing into the future.

ManagedWay's headquarters and primary data center is in Troy, MI., one of the ten safest cities from natural disasters.